Giá gốc là: 165.000.000VND.Giá hiện tại là: 135.000.000VND.

One of the most valuable types of wood today with long-lasting heavy hardwood, beautiful natural grain, the chair is handcrafted in limited quantities, all the production process is meticulously honed to create a work of a lifetime; No wood enthusiast can help but be amazed by the beauty and artistic grandeur of the chair.
– Material: Ebony wood, 2k matte paint
– Model: Ebony wooden chair with arms carved with unicorns, thick back carved with dragons, kneeling legs; All handcrafted by the best artisans, the products have lasting quality and are worth collecting.
– Color: natural red-veined black ebony, matte gloss finish.
– Uses: used as a leadership chair, collection chair, reading chair for creative research, etc.
– Weight: 300kg
– Complete size: cover: width 140cm, height 185cm, depth 90cm; Sitting area: width 85cm, depth 65cm, armrest height 40cm.
– Wood specifications: 4-legged seat base, front and back, 18cm, 3cm fringe, 25cm high, seat, 3x20cm frame, 2cm board, 18cm horizontal arms, 40cm high, 65cm deep, back 12cm thick, 140cm wide, 135cm high.
– Packed in plastic + carton (customs packed in wooden cases)
– Dimensions and weight after packaging: total number of blocks includes 2 packages weighing 300kg
+ 1 piece of seat base and 2 chair arms: 55x95x145cm
+ 1 piece of chair backrest: 25x145x145cm
– Assembly: disassemble the 2 packages as above, manual wooden mount assembly technique without screws, without drill or cutting machine.
– Warranty on termites and cracks for 12 months
– Delivery worldwide (please provide information: address, phone number and product quantity via email: to receive a shipping quote)
– Order: pay 50% in advance, deliver goods to Vietnam customs port, confirm full payment of the remaining 50%
– Average order time is 90-120 days, depending on time and quantity.