Giá gốc là: 25.000.000VND.Giá hiện tại là: 21.800.000VND.

– Material: South African red wood, 2k matte paint
– Model: South African red wood bed, crown-shaped arched headboard carved with apricot flowers, walls carved with apricot flowers, combined with aristocratic style lace border, rounded top base, original bed shoulders Solid block, screwless wooden mount assembly technique.
– Color: natural red wood grain, dim light
– Uses: used as family beds, hotels, resorts…
– Weight: 169kg
– Complete size: inside 180x200cm, head height 133cm, tail height 60cm; Cover: width 190cm, length 218cm.
– Wood specifications: headboard 133cm high, column 8x10cm, frame 8cm, plank 1.5cm; The end of the bed is 60cm high and the column is 8x10cm; monolithic bed shoulders 4x25cm; 3cm picture frame bed flap, 1.2cm composite card board (including 2 frames); 7 ladders 4x6cm (ironwood)
– Packed in plastic + carton (customs packed in wooden cases)
– Dimensions and weight after packaging: total blocks 140x200x35cm – 180kg including 5 packages:
+ 1 bed headboard: 139x199x10cm – 45kg
+ 1 piece of bed end: 199x65x10cm – 23kg
+ 1 bed shoulder bag: 219x29x14cm – 37kg
+ 1 piece of bed flap: 205x95x9cm – 48kg
+ 1 piece of bed: 185x19x14cm – 27kg
– Assembly: disassemble the 5 packages as above, manual wooden mount assembly technique without screws, without drill or cutting machine.
– Warranty on termites and cracks for 12 months
– Delivery worldwide (please provide information: address, phone number and product quantity via email: to receive a shipping quote)
– Order: pay 50% in advance, deliver goods to Vietnam customs port, confirm full payment of the remaining 50%
– Average order time is 30-60 days, depending on time and quantity.